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Fori Imperiali

Age of the Emperors

Imperial Rome was an enormous city, a true metropolis inhabited by millions of people.
The magnificence of its public buildings, constructed by various successive Emperors in command, were and are, the evidence of a civilization that: -knew how create an official language-Latin; -was able to connect all conquered lands with a system of roads still used today; -brought water from where immense aqueducts were created; -founded the basis of civil law.
Enter into the knowledge of antique Rome through these brief chapters:

> From village to metropolis: a brief history of Rome.

> Rome Caput Mundi: chronological table of historical events and map of the Empire

> Panem and Circenses: entertainment, fundamental element for politics

> Rome and the development of the Christian Catholic religion

> Index of the Emperors

In the other chapters you can find: news bulletins on archeological excavation advancements made in the in the Imperial Forum zone; WebView in direct contact with the Forums; the reconstruction of antique buildings; sayings and characteristics of the Antique Romans. Select the chapter from the four titles in the black column on the right.



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Age of the Emperors

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