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A particular characteristic to this Internet site is the installation of a motorized camera located on the terrace of Rome's Palazzo Senatorio that allows a television presence. On Decembre 30, 1999 has been installed a new camera (West) adding to the first one mounted on May, 1999 (East). 

The Colosseum
(East View) 
Saint Peter
(West View) 

These are not only LiveCams, but a sophisticated system, thanks to the technology of Canon, that allows you to possess the position of the cameras with every browser (Java compatible). You too can admire the view from Mayor Rutelli's balcony and enjoy seeing the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums, Saint Peter in Vatican, all the way to the Coliseum. One can also rotate the telecameras and zoom on particular areas for a few seconds.

> Enjoy the WebViews

Traces of Roman civilization still exist today in the countries that were once part of the Roman Empire. The area of the Imperial Forums is a theater to excavation and archeological recovery that are reviving the past with finds from antiquity. In this chapter we present some reconstructed images of palaces and places in order to better interpret and understand the past and present.

How did one live in Rome during the Empire's centuries? In this chart you will discover how they dressed, what they ate (with recipes from the epoch), and how they spent their days.

> Live images from Rome through the remote control camera

> Places and constructions as seen today and as seen during Antique Rome

> Living in Rome 2000 years ago: dressing, eating, working

In the other chapters you can find: the latest news on excavation advancements in the Imperial Forum area, the history of Rome, sayings and habits of the Antique Romans. Select a chapter among the four titles in the black column on the right.






Age of the Emperors

Recovering the Forums
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