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Live WebView: your window over Rome

Two special motorized cameras allows you to "be" on the terrace of the Palazzo Senatorio, in the piazza of the Campidoglio. The view of the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums, Saint Peter and a great part of Rome itself (including the Coliseum) is breathtaking.

Canon WebView is a sophisticated and unique system that allows you to possess the telecameras through every browser (Java compatible), turning and zooming into particular areas.
For reasons of the Internet's nature, access is limited to ten simultaneous users, so if the server doesn't respond, try again in a few minutes.

Each one of you has the possibility to control the telecameras by distance via Web: the server gives access to one user at a time, while others watch and wait for their turn- very easy and enjoyable.
It is also possible for all of you to "take" a virtual picture and save it on your hard disk. this operation is permitted and taken images are free from rights.
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> Places and constructions as seen today and as seen during Antique Rome

> Living in Rome 2000 years ago: dressing, eating, working

In the other chapters you can find: the latest news on excavation advancements in the Imperial Forum area, the history of Rome, sayings and habits of the Antique Romans. Select a chapter among the four titles in the black column on the right.






Age of the Emperors

Recovering the Forums
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