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Latin Phrases

Latin is the mother language to some contemporary languages and many words used today. Today we still use sayings cited over 2000 years ago. Lets discover which ones.


  • De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum
    Always choose the lesser of two evils (Accius)
  • Est unusquisque faber ipsae suae fortunae
    Every man is master of his own fate (Appio Claudio)
  • Acta est fabula
    The game has began (Augustus)
  • Alea iacta est
    The die is cast (Cesar in the Rubicone in 49 B.C.)
  • Hoc voluerunt
    They got what they deserved (Cesar, after the battle of Mundia, 49 B.C.)
  • Ars longa, vita brevis
    Art is eternal, life is short (Hippocrates)
  • Fortes fortuna adiuvat
    Fortune favors the brave


  • Ex tempore
    For now
  • Coram populo
    Before the people
  • Nunc est bibendum
    Now lets drink
  • Splendide mendax
    Splendidly false
  • Alere flammas
    Feed the flames


  • A latere
    Aside, in the collateral sense
  • Ad libitum
    as much as one likes, in quantity
  • Cadit quaestio
    Subject closed
  • Modus operandi
    Method of action

Return soon for new phrases that will be added.

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