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Antique Rome at the Movies - 1

Rome has lived some intense moments that are also seen in the cinema. This histroical period and its events have been represented in some movies of great success.

Directed by Anthony Mann

A spectacular colossal film on the last years of the empire under the rule of Marco Aurelius. In spite of an exceptional cast including   Alec Guiness, James Mason and  Sophia Loren, the film had many production problems. To name a few were the funeral of Marco Aurelius and the duel in the arena.  

FABIOLA (1947)  Directed by Alessandro Blasetti

Based on the novel by Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman and dramatized by 14 people including  Cesare Zavattini, Emilio Cecchi and Suso Cecchi D’Amico. It was the first Italain colossal film after the war and the first film of the 1948-49 season. An expensive film (500 million dollars), it created a scandal for the sexy scene with  Michèle Morgan.

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Directed by  Carmine Gallone

Messalina, after homicide and betrayal, plots to make his favorite emperor. But after another crime, it is discovered: his favorite is killed and Messalina commits suicide. Part of the impressive scenography comes from  Scipione the African also made by Gallone in 1937. The film made 456.100.000 ITL.

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Directed by Ferdinando Baldi

Revised and correct version of the legendary war between the Orazi, three Roman brothers, and the Curiazi- their enemies.  It is Orazio that breaks through, giving vistory to the population. Filmed in Cinecittà and arrnged by Carlo Lizzani, Ennio De Concini and Giuliano Montaldo, it made 358.000.000 ITL.

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