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Fori Imperiali

Virtual Reconstruction: How Rome was

Visit two great monuments as they were in the Antique Rome . 3D reconstructions show all the architectural splendor (click on the image to download the video on your computer):



Forum of Caesar, 26 seconds, AVI 368x240, 6,9 MB.


Basilica Ulpia, 41 seconds, AVI 368x240, 14 MB.

(The virtual reconstructions are realized by Village HTC of Rome- Copyright All Right Reserved)

> Look at some Roman monuments as they were 2000 year ago.

> Live images from Rome through the remote control camera

> Living in Rome 2000 years ago: dressing, eating, working

In the other chapters you can find: the latest news on excavation advancements in the Imperial Forum area, the history of Rome, sayings and habits of the Antique Romans. Select a chapter among the four titles in the black column on the right.






Age of the Emperors

Recovering the Forums
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