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Antique Rome at the Movies - 2

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QUO VADIS? (1951)
Director  Mervyn Le Roy

Made four times as silent films, the story of commander Vinicio and the Christian slave Licia. This film was a colossal production of 8 million dollars and it took two years to make it in Cinecittą, Rome. At the end of the decade Hollywood will do another re-make: Ben Hur.

By Luigi Magni

Publio Cornelio Scipione, called the African   (Marcello Mastroianni) and his brother, called the Asian  (Ruggero Mastroianni, Marcello's brother) are accused by  Catone of stealing a large sum. But it is really only a political move, the African is in fact a man of integrity while his brother is the guilty one. Bizzare work made after the colossal success by Carmine Gallone (Scipione l’Africano, 1931).

Directed by Luigi Magni

After the death of Christ, Pontious Pilate starts to feel guilty and asks the emperor to be beheaded. Luigi Magni rehabilitates Pilate, who becomes a skeptical and lazy Roman (Nino Manfredi), and makes him a hero against his will. Courageous film from an unexceptionable historical point of view.

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