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camera Canon VCC3The image that you see is transmitted live by two  Canon VC-C3 miniature telecameras installed on the terrace of Palazzo Senatorio in Rome, in piazza Campidoglio. The cameras are positioned outside and protected by a sophisticated system, the first of its kind ever realized, that puts the cameras in a climactic micro-environment.

It is possible to control the functions of the cameras through this Internet site for 90 seconds, waiting in line while others are using the camera. You have to wait for a green bar that countdowns your time to control the view. If the bar comes gray with a silhouette, it means that you have to wait your turn for the time exposed.
If you have to wait more than 5 minutes it means that there are too many people and not enough bandwidth to send you a signal. Try later.

The quality of the images depends on the position of the sun and other meteorological conditions, reflecting exactly what you would see if you were there in person, because you almost are! A little rain may limit vision quality but we have people in charge that will restore it back to optimal conditions.

The telecameras are controlled by a Canon LiveScope server that is able to transmit a live image via Internet, giving exclusive remote control via  Java applet.

In case you should encounter problems  write here.

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> Places and constructions as seen today and as seen during Antique Rome

> Living in Rome 2000 years ago: dressing, eating, working

In the other chapters you can find: the latest news on excavation advancements in the Imperial Forum area, the history of Rome, sayings and habits of the Antique Romans. Select a chapter among the four titles in the black column on the right.






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